Dimonds of day in feet of lord Krishna

( Dev Singh Rawat on Sunday, 07 August 2011 at 12:01)

- Wish from god is ignorant of wisher, its also question of godness. god know how, what and when provide u what. pls keep belive of godness. he is suprem kind, very very wellwisher of our. He is not only wellwisher but also more wellwisher our than us and our body too.

-God is not blind, he know every one work but also dedication and intention too. when ever god reward some one to do right work but also punish everyone to do bad work too.

-We all are slave of nature, we has not right even taken single breathe more , even whom we meet and behave that is not our choice its all depend upon this allmighty god which u can say just nature. he act and play us with his other circumumstances . he arrange us other player and play ground too. not only this but also he alive in our heart and wit to play this game , which he wish to play by us

- Happening of this world not slave of our wish or our work. its has own circul. time has own rule to happen. being only little toy in lap of nature or god. we have to live or work here like intrument. neither we take here birth with our wish nor we die here with our wish. all happens depend upon allmighty god, which u can say nature too.

-Time is neither slow nor fast, time is always right time, being may be slow and fast, but one thing clear time never wait any one. when its gone never come back. so time is most precious thing in this universe. all wealth of universe cannot buy a single second of time too.

-Only witless being wish to join heaven and hell


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