Flower of god bless 25 August 2011

Flower of god bless 25 August 2011

God is not only us but all universe too, so when we be selfish to hurt or hunt some one innocent being that time god is teach us great lesson to stop us to fall into hell.

Life is also same like mountain, so beautiful those who has wish and will to do right way and so hard like mountain those who has narrow wit and selfish wish

God bless to all love, sweet supreme gift of universe. lucky being respect its heartly and unfortunate being destroy its with own life too

Memories. only like dream, smile, see how much we got and how we lost, now where all. after some time all is dead in lap of time.

God already provide us peace, power ,wit and unvalueble body all are in our lap and heart , its depend upon us how we use and respect its.


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