I hope USA president Obama and all peoples dedicate themself to make true dream of one world goevernment

so great inspiration to student, american has great fate who has great president like obama, who has keen interest to make forever strong and super power USA . I see no other country head showing such keen heartly interest like Obama to make bright future of their kids . i am beliving such saying kids are future of our society, nation and world. I hope Obama who is not only great super power country president but also one great visionary men also, must do to build one world Government to save humanity and democracy in world . UNO and other organisation does not can make true this dream, so USA should lead this dream to success, what use now more than two hundred country who are mostly spoil their own resources to purchases war weapons, instead to give proper education, meals, clothes, medical facilities, seltter, and oppertunity to serve and show thier own services. so we need one world govt. who make true this dream to develop over all potential of our kids and make heaven to this earth. where no hate of religios, caste, race, colour, language and gender, only save to human race we dedicate our dream to make this earth as heaven. I hope not only from USA president Obama but also all people of this universe dedicate thier self to make true this dream to one government in this earth to save this earth and make its like real heaven to all being .


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