little ray of kind of god

thought is little ray of kind of god, use this ray with yr wit, see how wonder way happiness of universe come in yr feet.

god bless all being same way, but some one make this bless for happiness to world and some one make this bless to weep other. i proud u one of them who make this universe smile forever like heavenly flower.

problem has no existance itself,its only way of thinking, when u face its boldly u see how its may be boon for u.

never worry about character and reputation, always do good, think good, and belive in god , never hurt any innocent being and never bear corrupt and injustice.

enjoy every moment of life which u have, never cry for that what u have not, god is so kind see how sweet wonderful universe he provide u to enjoy

Neither earth, sky nor deep sea if u wish to find all solution u always find its in yr own heart and wit


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