khanduri is worst than Nishank as C M

General Khanduri is wqrst C M than Mr nishank . what is Nishank most of wellknown people of Utrakhand know him so earlier. But Mr khanduri who choose Nishan as CM is worst act / its harm for humanity, moraly and democracy.
how any wise man can give way to mr. Khanduri, who being blind and silent of corruption of his govt. why prefer Mr Sarangi, why he allowed parisiman in Utrakhand, why he silent in Muzafar nagar Kand&84 when buwa singh wondering in utrakhand and his govt. officer gave him red carpet wellcome. why khanduri keeping silent to decelare capital in gairsain,

there are simple charge , he has no democratic attitute, he is totally Jatiwadi and Chhetrawadi. in this blindness he choose Nishank, its his Most mistake which make lock his future also. God is not blind, see this nishank khanduri always ignore and keeping safe distance . but when he has to regin for his own undremocatic attitute, why he select this nishank only for his cast and his chhetra. its blunder mistake , which utrakhand never give him chance again, if this blunder mistake BJP will do again, he never get 10 seat in Utrak hand, BJP also face same result as loksabha / Khanduri should say sorry to people of Utrakhand and BJp to support man like N ishank.

one who not give accompany to sit with some one in his real life , why he choose that fellow as a future maker of whole utrakhand . tell one thing what general khanduri gave utrakhand else this Nishank who spoil whole utrakhand and its entire system,.

we need utrakhand a wise, democratic and people wellwisher leader who give right way to develop utrakhand as Himachal Pradesh first cm yaswant singh parmar. we need no Jatiwadi, chhetravadi, corrupt and blind slave of Hight commond of Delhi . see what these CM make utrakhand in this 10 year worst state in Bharat. I strongly resect and oppose to these type of leader to save democracy and Utrakhand. I personnaly know most of main leader of Utrakhand who is race of CM or ex cm. i totally disappointed to his performance. they all do same behave just like Mulayam and Narsin rao. pls read my

respect democracy and save Utrakhand to build strong country of Bharat. Utrakhand is not field to spoil to any changej and High commond of political parties

Khanduri always keep distance for honest and expierenced senior Bjp leader like Kedar singh fonia, mohan singh gramvashi, munna singh chauhan. why he choose this Nishank anita ji u ask yrself . why ignore bhagat singh koshiyari he is senior leader. tell why BJp choose two his junior leader nishank and pant to as cm candidate, its totally castisim, . tell why ignore again in nishank govt as well as senior leader Kedar singh Foniya and gram wasi, . tell Bjp Ram raJya come from this way. how utrakhandi be happy to behave untouchment to other communities. wise and democratic people never accept this type of anarchy. time never give safe passese to those who spoiling people interest like tiwari.
i think high commond of Bjp and sangh is either blind or in blind in castisim. who choose nishank as cm. its not good for democracy

u should respect janbhawana and pratibha. not be blind in Jatiwadi and chhetrawad

we all need who love humanities, moral and utrakhand hate and appose this type of people and leader who make our society and country spoil in, Jatiwad and Chatrawad. never be supporter those who make hate in s ociety in this way. always support moral value and democracy. respect honesty, expierence, people serving wellwisher leader.


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